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The Master Mind

I learned about the Master Mind principle by reading Your Magic Power To Be Rich, which is a compilation of three books written by Napoleon Hill: Think and Grow Rich, The Magic Ladder , and The Master-Key to Riches. Napoleon Hill defines The Master Mind Principle by saying it's when "two or more people come together in a spirit of harmony, coordinating their knowledge and effort, for the attainment of a definite aim or purpose. In the beginning of Rick Ross' album, The Master Mind, Napoleon Hill can be heard explaining the Master Mind principle. He says that it is the principle by which you can accomplish more tin one year than you can accomplish in an entire lifetime relying completely on your own efforts. What does Napoleon Hill mean? And why am i mentioning this? The Master Mind principle is just another way of saying organization is power. Two heads are greater than one. Many heads are greater than a few. When people come together in a spirit of harmony, they can achieve more for themselves individually. Organization enhances, maximizes, and amplifies one's personal power because they can tap into the pool of money, knowledge, and efforts of the many. As the Afrikan proverb goes, "If you want to go fast, go by yourself. If you want to go further, go in a group."

I'm mentioning all of this because i want my people to understand the power behind organization. As a people, We have yet to effectively organize for wealth and power. We organize protests and marches a lot. Some of Us are even involved in localized community organizing. But when it comes to organizing nationally along socio-economic lines, We're not doing anything. This is why White people benefit more from Our labor, skill, talent, genius, and dollars than We do. Instead, We as a people are the number one consumers in America. We rarely save Our money or invest it. We live from paycheck to paycheck. The more money We make, the faster We spend it.

This is Why as a people We‘re worth close to 1 trillion dollars but own Very little assets that appreciate in value, like land, homes, businesses, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, 401(k)'s, etc.. Most of what We buy depreciates in value, like cars, sneakers, shoes, clothes, glasses, shades, purses, bags, jewelry, and other such things, which Amos Wilson, who wrote Blueprint for Black Power, cells psycho-lollipops because they only make Us feel good but bring Us no economic value.

It's okay to want nice things. But when We're not conscious of how We spend Our money, then our consumerism becomes another of enslavement because We spend Almost 90% of Our money outside Our communities. This is why the 18th General Rule of UFD is: "Be money conscious by earning more money than you spend"; why the 19th General Ruled of UFD is: "Build personal wealth through investment or entrepreneurship"; and why the 20th General Rule of UFD is: "Support the businesses of your Ndugu." Our thing is this, achieve financial security before you spend so much; and when you do spend, spend with your own.

UFD teaches our Ndugu (fraternal members) about Conscious Money, that is, how We can achieve financial security by working together as a brotherhood and sisterhood and by pooling together Our money, knowledge, and efforts toward investing in one another. It's not as if our people are lacking in skills, talents, and genius. There are many of Us who work hard and who want to get ahead. But what We lack is access to capital and to opportunity. We could provide both for each other, but We also lack is trust in one another. For example there is no doubt that the Master Mind works; that by organizing together in a spirit of harmony We can achieve more for Ourselves than by going at it alone. But organization means commitment. UFD had a $50 membership fee and requires $50 a month in membership dues. Some take issue with this, because they fail to understand that the money they put into UFD is an investment from which they get back a return. By 1,000 of Us contributing We would generate $50,000 a month, money We would invest in financial and business ventures to bring back more money. We could also use that money to help our Ndugu get ahead on bills or to buy a house or car.

Unfortunately, Our people are consumers who spend Our money on things and who rarely invest. We're not money conscious.We don't know how to make Our money work for Us. The New Black Revolution is about teaching Our people Conscious Money; getting Us to tie Our struggle for freedom, justice, and equality with financial empowerment and economic development. Requiring our Ndugu to 50 pay $50 in monthly dues in just a first step in re-introducing Us to the concept of investment. And when you invest your money you have a greater stake in the success or failure that investment. It motivates you to do what you must to see that investment mature.As Napoleon Hill once said, "There's no such thing as something for nothing." If Our people expect to achieve freedom, justice, and equality today, We must be prepared to sacrifice just as Our freedom fighting ancestors did. They sacrificed with their blood, sweat, and tears, many of them dying or suffering horrible pain. All We're asked to do is sacrifice $50 a month.That's less than what your asked to tithed in church.

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