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body 2 soul

Basic Principles

UJAMAA = Cooperative Economcis: working together to achieve collective fraternal power,
FRATRNAL = Brotherhood & Sisterhood: uniting together in a spirit of familihood;
DYNASTY = Legacy & Longevity: building together a powerful movement that lasts for generations.

Central Goals



To build a trillion dollar people's movement with a million or more conscious and prosperous Ndugu who are all financially secured; to build a national brotherhood and sisterhood through which we can improve Ourselves and Our circumstances, can make a better life for Ourselves and Our family, and can give back to Our community; to advance the historical struggle for freedom, justice, and equality by working together to take advantage of the rights and opportunities for which Our freedom fighting ancestors fought, bleed, and died.

Primary Aim

To organize for Wealth and Power to achieve Security and Happiness for Ourselves, Our families, and Our communities; to fight against racism, sexism, gender discrimination, and mass incarceration; and to end violence, illiteracy, poverty, and mediocrity in Our communities.

Main Objectives

Financial Empowerment

Economic Development


Mutual Self-Improvement

Social Upleftment​

Cultural Enrichment

National Unity

Five Points



We all succeed by helping each other succeed

General Rule

1.     Live a positive, constructive, and productive life.

2.     Push and challenge yourself and your Ndugu to do better, be better, and                know better; strive for excellence and high achievement.

3.     Always greet and embrace your Ndugu with sincerity.

4.     Attend weekly fraternal meetings and spend time getting to know your                  Ndugu; be as One Body with One Soul.

5.     Help your Ndugu in need.

6.     Empower yourself by empowering others, starting with your family and                your Ndugu.

7.     Teach and mentor Our younger Ndugu.

8.     Work to build positive relationships with others.

9.     Give back to your community.

10.   Work hard for what you want.

11.   Do not accept handouts you do not need.

12.   If someone does you a favor, repay the favor or pay it forward.

13.   Never make false promises, and make up for the promises you do break.

14.   Read, study, and listen so you may learn, learn so you may teach; educate              yourself and increase your skill set.

15.   Do what you must first so you can do what you want later.

16.   Maintain good health through exercise and healthy eating.

17.   Be money conscious by earning more money than you spend.

18,   Build personal wealth through investment and entrepreneurship.

19.   Support the businesses of your Ndugu.

20.   Study the literature of UFD and share it with others

21.   Introduce others to UFD, especially family and friends

22.   Privately resolve any differences, disagreements, complaints, or problems            you have with an Ndugu.

23.   Adhere to the rules, regulations, and policies of UFD; follow the advice,                  counsel, and guidance of senior/ranking Ndugu.

24.   Do not divulge the confidential and internal affairs of UFD without                          authorization.

25.   Always pay your dues.

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