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Become a UFD Member

Membership into UFD is opened to anyone regardless of race, color, creed, gender, or sexual orientation, who agrees to uphold the Body 2 Soul and Constitution of UFD. Members of UFD are known as Ndugu, whuch is Swahili for brother(s), sister(s), or relative(s), because We are family.  There are two classes of Ndugu:

1. Ahadi, Swahili for promise.  An Ahadi is a full member who has been given the UFD Oath because they have proven themselves dedicated to Our cause and thus deserving of Our unconditional love, loyalty, and respect and are accorded all available aid, support, and assistant in achieving their own personal goals and dreams and in achieving financial security.

2. Karuta, Swahili for recruit.   A Karuta is a partial member who is being screened, vetted, and orientated for full membership. For a prospect to be initiated into UFD, they must be sponsored by an Ahadi in good standing and must pay an initition fee of $50,which can be deferred for those Kuruta who cannot afford to do so.

After you have submitted your application, click the 'finish' button below. It will then bring you to Our Dues page. There you can pay your membership dues. After your payment is processed, we will send you a comfirmation email.

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