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 About UFD

UFD stands for Ujamaa Fraternal Dynasty, a.k.a., O'BEAMMA, the Official Black Elite Ambitious Money Making Association.  We were founded on July 29, 2008, by Mfalme (Don X) Sikivu.  We are a mutual self-Improvement fraternity of like minds, both men and women, joined together in brotherhood and sisterhood to achieve mutual success and prosperity.  We are devoted to the socio-economic empowerment of Black and disadvantaged people regardless of race, color, creed, gender, or sexual orientation.  We are organizing to place more Wealth and Power into the hands of those of Us who, due to structural racism and wealth inequality in this country, have it the least but need it the most.  UFD is a stepping stone to a better, more productive life but only for those of Us willing to work hard together, in a spirit of harmony, combining and coordinating Our knowledge, efforts, skills, talents, contacts, money, and other resources to accomplish Our Mission and Primary Aim.  We invest in and support one another.  UFD's philosophy and practice, which was developed by Our leader and founder, is called Conscious Money.  This philosophy is summed up by Our MottoWe all succeed by helping each other succeed.

Part of the Mission of UFD is to build a trillion dollar people's movement of a million or more of Us.  To do so, We are going all out to make sure each of Us is financially secured; that none of Us or Our families want for anything.  This requires that We each work to become an asset to UFD by pushing and challenging Ourselves and each other to do better, be better, and know better.


We fraternal members of UFD call one another "Ndugu," which is a Swahili word for brother(s), sister(s), relative(s), or comrade(s).  We refer to each other as "Ndugu" because We are a family first.  Nonetheless, UFD is an exclusive brotherhood and sisterhood.  It is only for those of Us willing to put in the work to get to where We want to be in life.  60% of UFD is what you should be doing for yourself to come up.  30% of UFD is the aid, support, and assistance you receive to help yourself.  Only 10% of UFD is what you are expected to contribute.  So, you gain back 3x as much from UFD than what you are asked to put into it."  The more you put into UFD the more you get back out of it.  But you have to invest enough of your time and attention first before you see a significant return.

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